Alex Chinneck


Did I actually just see that?

The British artist makes a point to say his installations are real, and not renderings. It’s pretty hard to believe seeing as they get up to 3 stories high and make a building look like a sweater unzipping. His surreal sculptures disrupt the world around us, turning ordinary objects in our day-to-day into the extraordinary, taking sometimes months to complete. Whether it’s an abandoned building or a walk-by pillar, Alex Chinneck will make you think your eyes are playing tricks on you.

"A sprinkle of night and spoonful of light"

"Alphabetti Spaghetti"

"Six pins and half a dozen needles"

"Birth, Death and a midlife crisis"

Real or Wax?

Alex has an ongoing Knotted series that changes the way we interpret materials and begs the question - can metal twist like a candy wrapper? In 2018, Chinneck created his first indoor sculpture on this theme: a hand-carved broom boasted a handle that appeared to be twisted into a knot. The series keeps growing, most recently turning a bright red fire extinguisher into a twisted sculpture. 

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