Alexis Eke


Balancing NBA Client Work and College Courses.

Alexis Eke wishes there was more art that looked like her, so she started creating it. In her last two years of freelance work, Alexis has bagged a career's worth of dream clients creating portraits for the likes of Adidias, Nike, the NBA, and the Art Gallery of Ontario and she hasn't even graduated college yet. The Toronto based illustrator is redefining how Black women are represented in art and recently released a poster supporting the American protests. All proceeds support the protesters and their injuries obtained while protesting, bail relief funds and court expenses.

Poster in support of the BLM protests.

Recently dropped colouring book.

Illustration of Kawhi for the NBA.

Illustration for Palm Bay.

The Portraits.

In 2018, Alexis worked on a series of portraits focusing on Black women. She was tired of Black women being moving parts in the background of traditional paintings and never being permanent fixtures. This series asks the question of "How should Black women be represented in the art world?". The white lines represent the connection between "what we see" and how it effects "how we express ourselves."

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