Alpo Snow


Redesigning the Nike Sport Pack logo.

Alpo Snow is a multimedia artist from Toronto working with illustration, sculpture, collage, and just about any medium you can name. His work blends art, fashion, and a healthy dose of 90s memorabilia. Alpo collabed with Nike Toronto to recreate the Nike Sport pack logo out of Vintage Nike Windbreakers (and made sure all of the pockets were still functional). That’s basically the pinnacle of streetwear meeting fine art and nostalgia.

The Nike Sports Pack logo out of vintage windbreakers.

Dior Donut for Frankie Collective.

Swoosh Collection jewelry by Kay-bee vintage.

Personal work.

Portrait of 2pac with a snake.

Gucci bootleg smoking kit for Kay-bee vintage.

Damn that’s a toasty chair.

Last April, Alpo embarked on a project marrying mid-century modern design and exceptionally cozy outerwear. The result was the hottest chair this side of the Atlantic has ever seen. After carefully deconstructing a few TNF Nuptse vests (poppin tags included), Alpo stitched the outerwear over top of a simple Scandinavian chair silhouette. Next level cozy.

A 90’s baby.

Alpo draws inspiration from vintage clothing and his illustrations don features from 90s rap superstars. If it isn’t a portrait of Pac, you'll find idealized versions of luxury goods dropped as collab T’s with vintage clothing shops. When Alpo’s really in the zone, creating makes him feel like a kid again. Alpo sure knows a thing or two about dropping heat.

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