Angelo Nitsopoulos


Vintage Nike X Modern DIY

Angelo Nitsopoulos AKA Nits is a fiend for vintage clothing, along with all the other hypebeast stuff too. Nits grew a following as a vlogger on Youtube and recently teamed up with family friend Bent Gable Design to create Bentgablenits - a high-end DIY Vintage Nike project. The duo makes magic together, transforming vintage Nike pieces by adding hand-cut silk velvet Swooshes and decorations like crocheted flowers. Nits to find the pieces, and Bent Gable works the construction.

1/18 unique sweaters from batch #2

Behind the scenes of Bentgablenits Highsnobiety video feature

Bentgablenits Batch #1

dDrake wearing 1/10 from batch #2

Tripple Swoosh

The result is a fire collection of a handful of unique pieces, taking about 10 hours to complete a single item. It’s still in its beginning stages (they’ve released 3 batches), but quickly picking up steam on Instagram, and even repped by Drake. The first drop sold out in 11 minutes and was featured on Hypebeast. Nits recently filmed a video feature for Highsnobiety - batch 4 may be coming sooner than we think...

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