Arthur Kar

Car Dealer

The Art of the Automobile.

What started out as washing cars and working on engines for Arthur Kar blossomed into the most creative car dealership you could imagine. Arthur Kar’s L’Art de L’Automobile works on and deals the rarest cars you can find in the world. Whether he’s dealing a 2-door vintage G-Wagon or collabing with French clothing store colette on Smart Cars, Arthur highlights art, fashion and design in the auto-industry.

The 2-door Mercedes G-Wagon.

Collaboration with Dover Street Market.

1957 Maserati 200S.

Collaboration with French clothing store Colette.

The SSENSE 1978 Ferrari.

Last year, Arthur teamed up with SSENSE to drop a line of car inspired clothing, pulling his favourite elements from his vintage cars (like logos and colours) onto dripped out garments. In conjunction with the drop, Arthur put an all-white 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB up for sale on the high-fashion website. 

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