Asha Harper

Footwear Designer

From Docs to Air Mocs.

Asha Harper is a footwear designer working at Nike’s Oregon HQ in sportswear. The London native worked for Alexander McQueen, Dr. Martens, and PUMA on her journey to the footwear mecca. Growing up sprinting the 100-meter dash, Asha was interested in shoes from a young age and pursued that passion in an Honours B.A. in Footwear Design. Her apprenticeship at Dr. Martens ended up with a full-time Menswear Designer role. Asha’s characteristic style is a perfect marriage of form and function, with timeless aesthetics meeting everyday wearability.

Dr Martens menswear design.

Colour and material exploration.

Men's boot design for Dr Martens.

Puma Ambassador photoshoot.

Like a PUMA.

During her time at PUMA, Asha worked with colour and materials in the Sportstyle department. Whenever approaching new projects for the brand, Asha would make sure to stay outside of the box and always push her personal vision, rather than focusing on what’s "good" or "bad". According to Asha, Rihanna’s creative direction was exactly what the historic brand needed and brought in much-needed collabs that Asha was able to work on (like Jil Sanders).

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