Austin M Sanchez


A face you won’t forget

Austin M Sanchez is a 21-year-old painter with talent that makes you think he’s much older. Austin paints human faces using vibrant colour palettes with mixed-and-matched shades, each telling a completely different story. While painting on different materials like canvas, clothing, shoes, and bags, Austin maintains the same theme across them all. He’s had two solo shows; Pieces of Us & Year One, both at Palabra in Phoenix, Arizona. Back in 2017, Austin and his best friend Anthony created War Bugs Me - a brand shedding light on the awful parts of War and how it affects those who’ve sacrificed for the freedom of others.

“Companionship”, 2019

Exhibited in artist's first solo show, "Pieces of Us," in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

“I would like to remain anonymous”, 2019


Air Force 1 Swoosh Pack

“At your best”, 2019. A gifted commission for @genevieburgos


Austin’s life shines through in his artwork, naming his paintings things like “Anonymity” and “I would like to remain anonymous”. Much like the figures he paints, Austin prefers to remain behind the scenes and doesn’t feel the need to share his personal life, unlike most people these days. Although his work is very colourful, there’s a serious tone that shows in the expressions of each face. You can recognize Austin’s artwork immediately from the distinct eyes that are in every one of his paintings. In this series, Austin experimented using transparent glass as the canvas.

You can’t learn passion

Austin’s abundance of passion is what makes him stand out from the pack. He says “it’s important for me to look back at old work and sketchbooks and see what I can readjust and make into something better.” It’s clear he’s constantly focused on improving from his previous work and learning from his past experiments. Despite recently leaving the brand to focus on his own art, Austin has “War Bugs Me” tattooed across his stomach - this ain’t no joke. You can cop his work on Artsy and displayed on his Instagram. He doesn’t run a website anymore so you’ll have to DM him if you want to get your hands on his faces...

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