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From selling juice to Dior

In 2014, Austin started a juice company called FruitVibe, selling organic cold pressed juices. He additionally ran the creative direction for the company but quickly shifted his focus. Fast forward a few years, and now he makes visual art installations with Daniel Arsham for @danielarsham. Austin’s already done projects with many big-name brands including Adidas, Dior, A-COLD-WALL, and the Cleveland Browns. Straddling the line between art, architecture, and performance, Austin is making some sh*t for 3019.

Store installation made for @doverstreetmarketginza

Shoes for @adidasnyc

20 tons of sand letter installation for @dior

Eroded Attache case - 6 months of work for @rimowa

Sports Illustrated made for @clevelandbrowns

The Crystal Relic 001 Limited Edition

Living through the art

Would you put your body on the line? Austin did. When creating an installation for Nanzuka, a Contemporary art gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo, Austin threw himself in a mold to accurately sculpt a human figure. He said he had to stand there for over an hour, without moving. Is Austin taking his work too literally? Or is he just a fuck*ng stud.

Making moves

Austin is clearly advancing at an exponential rate - we’ve seen him jump from project to project, each getting better than the previous. He’s a big part of a studio that’s shifting the way we think about sculptures. We’re interested to see what projects he’ll be blessing us with in the future.

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