Avi Gold


Better Gift Shop’s streetwear pioneer.

If you’ve paid attention to Canadian streetwear culture over the past 20 years, a common name pops up - Avie Gold. He’s the founder of Better Gift Shop, the store selling homeware, rare vintage finds, their own pieces, and stuff Avi’s friends make in the heart of Toronto’s Chinatown. Better is an extension of Avi’s brain and came about after he got tired of making bootleg T’s. His background in streetwear, working at the iconic Toronto hub 431 Richmond where The Weeknd and Drake used to chill, and creating merch for Cam’ron’s Canadian tour, have helped shape Avi into the cultural pioneer he is today.

Collab with Comme Des Garcons for their anniversary at Dover Street Market.

The Better Gift Shop storefront.

The hot-dog stand pop-up at DSMNY.

A tee from Better's Fall/Winter 18 campaign.

Lebron in Better Gift Shop.

Cover of Sneeze magazine.

95 til Infiniti.

Nike called on Avi for the release of the VaporMax sneaker through SNEAKEASY. On brand with Gold’s signature nostalgic style, he took a classic mom-and-pop sneaker store you’d find in small-town America and featured one of his personal favourites, the Air Max 95. Complete with gitchy Nike memorabilia and bins of 95’s, Gold successfully recreated the nostalgic vibe for a sneaker he considers the pinnacle of 90s culture.

A sucker for nostalgia.

Like the VaporMax pop-up, Avi’s work is rooted in nostalgia. You can feel his love for the 90s in all of the interviews he does, and it shows with the projects he’s helped realize. Gold joined Sneeze magazine as Contributing Editor after it’s 3rd issue. Often turning to magazines as a kid to figure out what was popping, Avi wanted a similar ‘zine to be available for today’s youth. Avi wants Sneeze on newsstands, not just as a specialty zine you cop once in a while. Better Gift Shop follows a similar mantra, aiming to keep the in-person magic of retail in a one-of-a-kind space. If you’re ever in Toronto, pop your head in the store and cop yourself a little piece of nostalgia. I mean, it’s a dope enough for Lebron.

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