Ben Dorado

Art Director

Working through the Art Direction ranks.

Ben Dorado, the L.A. based designer and art director working under the experience studio UNRTD, is France's go-to creative for underground rap's art direction. Whether it's a nostalgia influenced mixtape cover for his long time collaborator, Joke, or the European tour poster for Kranium, Dorado's signature mysterious style shines through. For someone with such a dense body of work, it's surprisingly difficult to find much back story to any of Dorado's projects.

Bon Gamin unreleased mixtape concept.

Cover for Chronixx album.

Ben's radio show Spirit Radio.

Type exploration.

Tour Posters

Despite being a multi-faceted Creative, creating endless album covers, concepts, DJ sets, and even production credits on a couple tapes, Ben's breakthrough work is generally with typography and tour posters. His list of poster clients include Koffee, Kranium, Ikaz Boiz, and Chronixx.

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