Ben Gorham


From Pro Basketball to Perfume.

Born and raised in Toronto, New York, and Stockholm, Ben Gorham’s home city is as eclectic as how he ended up crafting scents. After studying a mix of business, politics and interior design at Ryerson in Toronto, Gorham pursued professional ball in Europe. After that didn’t quite work out and a chance encounter with a world-renowned perfumer, Ben launched Byredo, his brand focusing on scents.

Leather satchel for Byredo.

Leather purses.

Shoot for Byredo.

Candle scent titled Bibliotheque.


Ben Gorham’s brand Byredo began by crafting scents that reminded the founder of specific moments in time. From scents titled Fleur Fantome to Elevator Music, Gorham’s mastered the art of nose-talgia (we had to). Recently, Gorham expanded with a range of leather goods and shoes that are equally fire.

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