Ben Johnston

Graphic Designer

The Hand Lettering Guru.

Ben Johnston got his first taste of art at 13 years old, writing graffiti in his hometown Capetown, South Africa. The graphic designer handpaints flawless murals with as much ease as he designs a corporate identity. But the process always starts on pen and paper, don't get it twisted. Ben’s endless awards list is as impressive as the freelance clients he’s picked up since leaving the agency world nearly 10 years ago.

Mural for Hennessy.

Sculpture for the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Mural for Google.

Branding for Sorry Coffee Co.

A Good Point Tattoos sketch,

Canon Creator Class installation.

Al Dente please.

Ben had a show at Tagliatelle Gallery in Toronto featuring typographic explorations in a variety of mediums. The words were (literally and figuratively) hopping off the f*cking wall. As Ben’s style has matured, he’s been able to push the types materials he can display his work with. 3D printing? Light work.

No days off, sorta.

You won’t catch Ben sipping daiquiris on the beach in Cabo anytime soon, but you’ll definitely find him taking a break from working regularly on a computer. If he’s feeling burnt out or uninspired, Ben will head out of the office for a few days and focus on an entirely different medium. As Ben’s mantra goes: work hard and it will work out.

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