Benjamin Paulin


Keeping the legacy alive

Run by Benjamin Paulin alongside his mother, Paulin Paulin Paulin is a family business that circulates, develops and preserves the work of Benjamin’s father, Pierre Paulin. Pierre was a French furniture designer and interior designer who shook the world with a new perspective on shapes and materials. Benjamin has dedicated his work to teaming up with designers like Daniel Arsham to host galleries and programs to keep the legacy alive, along with using his creative abilities to design these spaces.

Table Cathédrale, Tapis Jardin à la Française, 2015

Déclive, 2015

Daniel Arsham's "Jet Lag is Time Travel" featured with pieces from Pierre's archive

Black Big C with Sterling Ruby

The Villa

The Pierre Paulin Program was a team effort between Benjamin, his wife Alice, and a few talented Architects to construct a Villa-like structure to show off many of the prized pieces of Pierre’s work. In Bordeaux, France, many gathered to tour the place over the weeks and celebrate exclusive art.

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