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Toronto's heavyweight Stylist.

Bobby Bowen is championing the Toronto creative scene, and working with some of the city's best. The Kid Studio collaborator and stylist for some of Toronto's biggest musicians like Jazz Cartier and Roy Woods, has carved out a unique and gritty style, constantly pulling new and upcoming brands. Bowen explains that big name shops like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth wouldn't let him pull for big shoots on publications like i-D, so he turned to the cities youth instead for fire pieces.

Styling for Majid Jordan's record.

On shoot with @iluvlola's shoe campaign.

Working with Canadian label S.P. Badu.

Shoot for Client Magazine.

Bully Mag.

Since January of last year, Bowen's been working on his project Bully Magazine. The zine focuses on the current Toronto scene and the come-up of young and promising talent. Bowen found that the Toronto's magazines publications weren't representing what was really happening in the city and he wanted to provide readers with an appropriate look into some of Canada's premier talent. Plus, the big publications weren't giving the next wave any love.

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