Brian & Jesse


Vale lives forever

In 2014, Brian and Jesse founded Vale and set out to create something more than just a clothing brand, but an outlet for them to escape reality and make anything creative they want. The duo doesn’t get anything manufactured but rather makes it completely by themselves, from the color of the garments to the stitching and tailoring. These aren’t just prints on blank Ts but look more like hand-made carpets where the graphics are sublimated into the entire piece. 

Gone With The Wind

Mosh pit Vest

Collaboration with Spencer Lee, and will not be released


Vale Print House

After mastering every part of the manufacturing process, Brian and Jesse created Vale Print House, where they advise up-and-coming groups like themselves on the process of making clothing. They offer screen printing, cut and sew tailoring, vinyl printing, dyeing, embroidery, and 1/1 designs. The duo plans to take on the challenge of making accessories, small furniture, and even leatherwork in the future.

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