Brittany Porter

Production Designer

The Art of Production Design.

Brittany Porter has the ability to turn back time. The production designer based out of LA has designed sets for the likes of ASAP Rocky, Katy Perry, GQ and Taylor Swift. Brittany’s meticulously crafted spaces take you straight to a specific time period and what the idealized version would look like. What started out as designs for friends, herself and thesis projects, has now turned into awe-inspiring productions that have won awards at D&AD and the VMAs.

Taylor Swift's music video You Need to Calm Down, designed by Brittany.

Production design for Paper Magazine.

Styling and design for Katy Perry's brand.

Olivia Von Halle set design in Please Magazine.

Babushka Boi.

In August ASAP Rocky dropped a video to his single Babushka Boi. Brittany got the call from long-time collaborator Nadia Lee Cohen (the two have worked together on countless projects) to bring the true-crime inspired music video to life. Brittany serves us old New York meets DC comics vibes in the surreal bank robber video. Watch out for the deli scene, you’ll feel like you’re at Katz’s on a Thursday afternoon waiting for a pastrami.

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