Bryan Espiritu

Creative Director

In a League of Legends.

The Legend’s League is a Toronto based clothing label and storefront that paved the way for Toronto artists and founder, Bryan Espiritu is a true jack-of-all-trades. He’s constantly creating; designing the cover art for Drake’s Comeback Season, working as a Creative Catalyst at the agency Anomaly, or painting Kawhi’s game 7 shot on brown paper bags. Bryan explains that it isn’t necessarily the medium for him, but more the act of creating that keeps him optimistic and full of life. Hell, this guy even dropped a book titled 3 Things that documents his goldmine of a twitter feed, focusing on three thoughts a day.

Legend's League drop supporting pride.

Shirt graphic printed during Toronto's 2019 playoff run.

Kawhi's game 7 buzzer beater.

The book 3 Things.

On the steps of 9 Camden, The Legend's League Sweatshop.

Cover art for Drake's album Comeback Season.


Bryan’s most recent drop with the Legend’s League is titled ENERGY. You can clearly see the minimalist style that comes from Espiritu’s subtraction focused process. When designing, he makes sure that there isn’t anything unnecessary in the product and if he feels stuck, it’s probably because the design hasn’t been stripped down enough. ENERGY is a topic that Bryan often speaks about, explaining that he does his best work when he’s healthy and seeing his therapist, aka the personal trainer for his brain.

Being gentle on yo’ mental.

In the early 2000’s, Bryan was struggling and started writing on MySpace as his personal blog. Eventually, this turned into the Legend’s League. Bryan’s always said that creating is therapeutic for him. His advice for young creatives: “Act now on your passions and understand that those passions may change.” Thanks Brian, and thanks for paving the way for Toronto creatives in years to come.

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