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Music's most in-demand art director.

Even though Bryan Rivera lives a couple hours outside of NYC, in small town New Jersey, you'll still find him at the centre of pop culture crafting covers for the likes of Kali Uchis, Post Malone, and Pusha T. Bryan brings a gritty, 90s feel to his work that is evident in almost all of his pieces. His inspirations range from Mobb Deep album sleeves and punk flyers that he picked up as a kid. Before heading up Creative Direction for Post Malone, Bryan worked as an assistant designer at Kanye's creative shop DONDA and nabbed a Communications degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Album packaging for Beerbongs & Bentleys.

Collab with POSTY CO and Bud Light.

Cover for Kali Uchi's Isolation.

Design for DONDA.


With inspirations like grunge and 90s punk, it's no surprise that Bryan's work has a certain grit to it but the imperfections in Bryan's work give it an unpolished feel that we can all relate to. Even when he's art directing a cover shoot for Kim Kardashian's book, Bryan manages to sneak a relatable rawness that feels completely real. Watch out for details that look like his work has been misprinted, folded one too many times, or has a worn out fade on half of the piece. It's these details that make Bryan's work stand out.

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