One line at a time

Light, minimalist line work is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Butler, the London-based, Nigerian born artist. Butler stumbled onto our radar in 2015 with his line work and fluid style focusing on detailed portraits and gorgeous muses. Over the years, his work has only gotten better and the lines keep evolving.

That’s the point

On top of his seamless line work, Butler also makes illustrations made from thousands of tiny dots - sometimes combining the two.. These portraits and sketches are made of thousands of tiny ink pricks, spaced effortlessly to give you shadows of a chin or highlights on a collar bone. This is pointillism on steroids, and Butler is championing it.

Past the paper

Although Butler generally works with ink and paper, you can find his work littered across a variety of mediums. Dad hat? No problem. Hoodie with the colours reversed? Grab one if you can! And the most exciting canvas of all, peoples bodies. If you scroll enough of Butler’s feed you’ll find fans with his work tattooed on their bodies. Want one? Just make sure you ask him for permission and send a photo in so you can be immortalized on his insta-scrapbook.

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