Carlos Mendez

Product Designer

Reduce, Reuse, Redesign.

Carlos Mendez, aka Insiteful, is an Oregon based product designer. Carlos tears apart common items like jackets, Ikea bags, sponges, and uses them to create new sneaker silhouettes. He doesn’t stop at kicks, Mendez dropped a lamp made from sneakers, pants made from plastic Nike bags, and a shoelace vest. His DIY attitude and “tear-it-apart” style leaves us with unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.

Adidas X Pharrell Williams Hu concept

The beginning of a shoe concept - the deconstruction phase

Shoe made from an @ikea bag

Sneaker Lamp

A Nike vest made out of Nike shoelaces

Columbia, here we come

Last January, Insiteful dropped a Columbia inspired sneaker. Carlos chopped up the brands iconic jacket and stitched it over a trail runner silhouette. He uses the signature Columbia patch on the tongue, the pocket pouches as the body of the shoe, and the velcro straps as a tightening/loosening function.

Tearing through concepts

Every project Carlos releases is made from a different item and forces you to take a minute to grasp what you’re looking at. You may not be able to buy the stuff he makes just yet but until then, you can rummage garbage bags labeled “give-away” and find yourself something nice and cozy to shred up and turn into a masterpiece.

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