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Repping Shanghai with Nike.

Cash Ru, the Shanghai based designer responsible for one of 2019’s hottest collabs doesn't usually design kicks. In college, he studied industrial design and now works as a jewelry designer in his hometown. Growing up, Cash collected sneakers and played a ton of basketball, ultimately being inspired to start designing from his appreciation for the heritage behind his favourite kicks and their incredible materials.

Air Max 97 Shanghai release promo.

Jewelry exploration.

Installation for the Kaleidoscope 97's.

First prototype of the Kaleidoscope.

The Air Max 97 Kaleidoscope.

In 2018, Cash got the call to fly out to Nike’s Oregon HQ for his Air Max 97 rendition. The On Air contest chooses aspiring designers that rep their city through an Air Max silhouette. Cash was repping Shanghai with a customizable blued-out 97 and won the entire thing. The cloud like kicks are meant to represent pushing limits and boundaries just like Nike’s signature athletes in their respective sports and released in April 2019.

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