Christo Anesti


Christo Clear Vision.

Christo Anesti is a Toronto-based director, co-founding the Toronto creative pillar, KID Studio, and directing music videos for some of the biggest acts on the planet. From The Weeknd's Reminder, Big Sean’s Bounce Back and French Montana and Drake’s No Stylist, Christo is making waves in music and doing it with his childhood boys.

Stills from French Montana's No Stylist.

Still from Big Sean's Bounce Back.

Hard to Kill's Double G'z

Direction for CO.LAB.

An editorial for NIKE.

An unreleased project titled lovefxck.

Toronto’s Children, KID Studio.

In 2013, the acclaimed KID Studio was founded. Nearly a year after their inaugural season, Christo and team got the call from the Weeknd for a project. It ended up being the King of the Fall music video, featuring a quintessential Toronto night on Queen West with cameos from Derek Wise, Jazz Cartier and Hard to Kill’s Teddy Fantum. KID Studio has raised the bar for Toronto creatives and managed to help define the city as an inclusive and boundary pushing creative incubator.

A bad TV and movie lover.

Christo started designing “shitty websites” early in his career and honed is style and practice gradually over time. The director credits travel and collaboration with helping him step out of his comfort zone and come up with fresh ideas. Oh, he also loves terrible sitcoms and independent horror films. Recently, Christo started working with CO.LAB, a Toronto “collective designed around collaboration pushing [them] further and higher, together.” Toronto is a huge theme in Christo’s work and creating a space for the kid he once was (struggling to identify with Toronto and feeling left out) means the world to him.

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