Christopher Chan



Christopher Chan is an artist born in Toronto but currently tearing up the streets in Brooklyn, New York with his crazy geometric sculptures that pay homage to popular footwear design. These wooden pieces are hand-made painted by Christopher and typically act as a vase for equally glowing flowers. Christopher also works as a freelance art director doing projects for brands like Nike, Beats by Dre, Converse, and Google to name a few.

Tribute to A$AP Yams

Trophy for Nike Los Angeles

“I Just Fucked Your Bitch”

“Summer in Harlem”

“See-Thru Hype”

All in all, Christopher is a sneaker-head and the most popular semi-recent drop has been Off-White’s “The Ten” collection - so you know he had to do something for it. Christopher’s favorite of the collection was the Vulcanized Chucks, switching up the materials for this one and turning an iconic shoe into “something so alien”. Naming it "See-Thru Hype", the first of the collection made in all acrylic, making it more difficult to construct but well worth it.

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