Cian Moore


Taking photos for Sheck Wes and Helmut Lang

If you look closely at Travis Scott’s Astroworld cover, you’ll find a blond-haired janitor cleaning the grounds, that’s Cian Moore. The New York based photographer has shot for Sheck Wes and Helmut Lang, and just finished lookbooks for BBC and Heron Preston. Since getting his first camera at 12 and shooting skate videos at the Lower East Side skatepark, Cian’s been on a meteoric rise as culture’s favourite photographer.

Lookbook for BBC Icecream F/W19.

Sheck Wes from the top of the world.

Nike/Jordan campaign shoot.

Work with Steven Savoca, Mice in the Womb.

ASAP Rocky for Prada.

Shoot for Jesse Jo Stark.

With the mof*ckin pole.

Back in 2018, while Cian was in LA interning for Nick Wright, he got a call from Sheck Wes to shoot his Mudboy album cover the following day. Sheck and Cian have been collaborating ever since they met at a Nike event in 2016. After sketching up the idea, Cian started shooting the iconic muddy bathtub and got the shot when Sheck started candidly throwing mud onto the studio’s walls.

Working like a magician.

One of Cian’s unexpected inspirations is David Blaine. He’s got a poster in his bedroom of how the famous magician comes up with new tricks (Is it meaningful? Is it interesting, Is it authentic?), and Cian uses this 3-step process when working on new stuff. After the David Blaine test, Cian generally starts by sketching out the shot he’s looking for, gathering references from books and online, and hitting his connects for talent (despite being a great photographer, Cian isn’t into casting).

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