Everyday life in NYC

Straight out of New York City, the Columbian-born illustrator Cleofus is illustrating scenes from everyday life and mundane. Referencing from the polo-wearing culture that he was raised in, Cleofus is always walking around with a notebook or his iPad, sketching things he sees or ideas that come to mind while overhearing conversations on the subway. Keeping up with current events, Cleofus often touches on political issues in today’s day.

No Way Jose Coffee Shop Branding

Vans X Cleofus

Shirt for Mets Baseball Team

Artwork for Young Planet

No Way Jose

Originally inspired by the 90s famed graffiti artists using playful and symbolic characters in their work, Cleofus uses a character named “No Way Jose”. With the mustache your perverted uncle rocks, and a long-billed fly-fishing hat popularly worn in the 80s, you’ll see No Way Jose in all sorts of circumstances - even dish-washing Donald Trump’s Head.

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