Cristian Iacob

Graphic Designer

A love.watts alumni

Graphic designer Cristian Iacob, currently studying at Esd in Madrid, has fast-tracked his way to visual excellence. Having only picked up design a couple of years ago, Cristian’s already cemented his style and creates posters even a seasoned vet would be happy with. His work displays a hand-painted aesthetic and often features the colours Red and Black. Although his passion for graphics is relatively new, Cristian started out as a painter and has been obsessed with art ever since.

A poster a day.

Over a year ago Cristian challenged himself to drop a poster every day on Instagram, preaching that it's the best way to master his craft. 318 posters later and we can clearly see the masterful execution that Cristian’s developed. In March, Cristian’s work was featured and sold on love.watts, arguably the most popular art profile on Instagram.

Where chaos meets art

For Cristian, design is emotional problem solving, and he approaches every project with the viewer’s reaction in mind. Inspired by Dada-ism, Malevich (the avant-garde Russian artist), and the various things he finds on the Internet, Christian is consistently dropping new and fresh ideas. It’s nice to see a young gun respecting some classic references.

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