Cyril Lancelin


Town and Concrete

Cyril Lancelin is a revolutionary artist from France making massive installations found all over the globe. After 15 years working for some of the most influential architects and artists in Paris and Los Angeles, Cyril Lancelin decided to start his own creative studio in 2016 (“Town and Concrete”). Hard to forget, Cyril’s work will make you blink twice with these mind-bending immerses installations.

Pyramid Sphere", inflatable immersive sculpture in Philadelphia for Made in America Festival.

Installation "Pyramid Torus Silver", inflatable immersive sculpture, 2019.

"Flamingo Climate", fiberglass and plush, 2019.

installation "wireframe".

Building his digital world, in the real world. 

Cyril loves to use classic shapes like cylinders and spheres that he says are essential for creating these unique structures. Sure the shapes are classic but when blown up and put together, these installations are all too funny to watch people interact with them. Cyril is combining tech and art and gives you a chance to play in his digital world.

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