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Strippers and movies.

The Cornwall native lives in his LA studio, at times without internet and just his thoughts and his most treasured books that he reads repeatedly. Painting from self-experience, Danny Fox uses women and family as the inspiration for his work. After getting sick of his own “bullshit”, Danny started painting what he enjoyed in life: drinking, strippers, figures from history books, TV and movies. Danny’s paintings changed after meeting a woman who didn’t aspire for fame or riches, leading him to stop caring or planning how the paintings looked and just started slapping the paint on the canvas.

Pershing Square 2017

One of a few works shown at Berggruen Gallery

Danny Fox: A Cut Above The Eye was a book published on him by Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery

Some Mornings Catch A Wraith, Acrylic on canvas, 2018.

Doped, Roped, and Horoscoped 

Danny Fox’s exhibition ‘Doped, Roped and Horoscoped’ released in Eighteen Gallery on July 6, 2019. Presenting 6 works on canvas and 1 mixed media installation, the exhibition combines idiosyncratic lettering and expressive imagery, drawn from the artist’s imagination and memoir, an ode to the beautiful decay of Los Angeles. ⠀

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