Dave Watkins


Planetshift Productions

Dave Watkins has been drawing from the time he can remember, with a passion for comics, animation, and sci-fi visuals. Majoring in sculpture and dabbling in everything from wood carving, ceramics, and metal casting, Dave soon fell in love with comic books and the process of penciling pages, although now the iPad is his go-to for incorporating inks, colors, and perspective textures.

Genesis Cover

Peace Cover Time-lapse

Wefighttogether.ca cover

The Real Heroes

Dave owns and operates Planetshift Productions, a comic book and animation house dedicated to voicing the stories of the urban Toronto community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave partnered with We Fight Together to illustrate a new comic book cover series featuring the Front-Line workers as the real heroes. The villain in the comic, COVID-19, doesn’t care where you’re from, what gender, sex, or race you are, it just wants to abolish you.

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