Dragan Andic


Shooting Drake, The Weeknd and Travis.

Dragan Andic is a 21 year old photographer born and raised in the Toronto area. While finishiing up his Digital Communications undergrad at Humber College, Dragan’s shot some of the biggest names in music like The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Drake, and Nav. At 17, Dragan was playing pro soccer in Genoa, Italy and tore his ACL. In his off time his buddy asked him to model for a shoot and Dragan ended up falling in love with taking pics.

One of Dragan's all time favourite shots of Abel.

Cover shoot for CMDWN's Atlanada 2.

Shot of Travis from LA tour stop.

Dragan was pulled by his big brother, Mihailo for the 88Glam cover shoot.

Roy Woods’ extended family.

Dragan’s first big break came from Kid. Studio who invited him to shoot the behind-the-scenes for Roy Woods’ Get You Good video. What started as a portfolio building project turned into an unbreakable creative bond. Since then, Dragan’s shot endless portraits, album covers and tour pics for Roy, and has had portraits of Woods displayed in Times Square.

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