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The guy behind Air Max.

Dylan Raasch has probably designed your favourite Nike silhouette. The Creative Director for Air Max started out as a junior designer, where he put together one of the most well-known silhouettes in the past 5 years, the Roshe Run. Dylan’s director at the time asked him what the future of $75 sneakers would look like and the Roshe was the result. Growing up in SoCal and working his first shoe design job at DC Shoes influenced the designer that Dylan is today .”They only thought outside the box, is what he said about the team. Over the past 10 years at Nike, Dylan has worked in Running and Sportswear, dreaming up shoes like the Air Max Thea, Payaa, Air Max 270 and 720, an entire collection of Sneaker-boots, and much more.

Campaign for the Nike Air Max 270 React.

The Nike Payaa on foot.

The Nike Roshe Run One.

The Presto Ultra Flyknit.

The Nike Footscape Route,

The Air Max Thea.

Portable trampolines.

Dylan led the design team on the Air Max 270. The name comes from the 270 degrees of air bubble visible on the sole, and was the first completely lifestyle focused shoe in the Air Max line. Originally, Dylan and the team wanted a significantly larger air bubble but it didn’t feel quite right. They still ended up with the largest Air bubble in history and apparently it feels like you’re walking on trampolines. The idea for a new silhouette started when the Air Max team was asked to stop relying so much on previous silhouettes. A tall order when your archive’s got some of the most iconic sneaks ever f*cking made. Despite this track record, the 270 was still the largest Air Max launch to date.

Air Future.

When starting a new design for a shoe Dylan focuses on the simplest solution possible, letting the function influence the way it looks. For the Air Max 720, they tested over 5 different air bags and 80 different designs. After dropping a shoe, Dylan gets feedback and heads back to the drawing board. What should we look for next in Air Max? Dylan says that energy and sustainability will become major themes, with 75% of materials on the Air Max 720 being recycled. He’s hopeful that the younger generation of sneakerheads cares more about the environmental impact of how shoes are made and what it means for our planet - remember to recycle kids!

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