Eks Rei


The Deadliest Strokes

Comme des Garcons was on to something when they featured Eks Rei, yes that’s a play on X-Ray, on their “SUMI” Paris Fashion Week invitations. Japanese line work meets mortality in Eks’s work, with ribs painted in a few succinct brush strokes. Rei explains that their work is an “attempt at unifying the internal and external”. You can definitely see this with their exploration of internal anatomy and through the duality in pieces with more than one figure.

Duality is a major theme in Eks’ work.

The COMME des GARCONS collab titled SUMI.

Studies of hands and flowers.

A blurry portrait of the man himself with a piece from his PARAPLAXIS show.

Letterpress study of a woman’s body.

Anatomy of a snake.

Bodies or paisley?

During a show at the end of 2018 in Montreal titled PARAPRAXIS, the Toronto based painter dropped a set of bandanas. Eks Rei ditched the traditional paisley for a custom pattern of brush work skeletons. The design features lounging skeletons on the edges of his pieces and was recently realized onto a coordinated jacket-short set.

Getting bodies

Don’t assume that Eks Rei’s work is limited to ink and paper. For PARAPRAXIS, the artist printed a skeleton on a traditional paper lantern and burned it for a video piece. If you’re looking for something you can actually use for your day to day vices, grab a set of coasters for a stiff one after work or a “Lo Life” butane lighter to toke up with.

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