Elliot Kruszynski


The South London Pencil Pro.

The souf’ London illustrator Elliot Kruszynski is just trying to “inject some life and humour into the mundane.” Elliot stumbled into illustration after deciding to go to an arts college rather than university, and finally realizing he could get paid to make drawings. His signature 2D style has been picked up by huge publications and brands like Vice, the Telegraph, NYT, and Etsy. Elliot’s tool of choice? A trusted pencil.

Jaws, a print.

Illustration for the Telegraph.

Piece titled Taggin'.

Wrapping paper.


Despite working with big name brands, Elliot still pushes out work that resonates with him personally. The quality that he holds himself to can be found on personal illustrations of South London pre-drinks, murals in the Etsy HQ, and on the pages of the Telegraph. Simply put, Elliot’s style and vibe works across all of the mediums he decides to push himself in.

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