Elliot Snowman


Dropping heat on the UK Streets.

Elliot Snowman is a UK based artist who honed his craft on road dropping intricate murals around the city. On top of his street art, Eliott has taken his signature playful and fun-loving style to rugs, countless tees, skate decks, and canvas pieces. Even with such a simple style of illustration, Elliot’s instilled obvious emotion and expressions on his character’s faces.

Acrylic painting titled Hideout.

The Tiger Rug.

Study of birds.

Tour poster for UK band Basement.

Tiger Style.

Out of all the zany characters that Elliot comes up with, the tiger gets the most airtime. Looking back on some of his first pieces you’ll find tigers littered throughout. Not only is it the most popular character, but the Tiger's expressions are killer and you can tell Elliot’s spent endless hours perfecting the big cat.

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