Eric Richards


Who’s better? Nooooooobody!

Eric Richards is a Stylist from Toronto who you could also call an Artist, Designer, Photographer, Creative Director, or Entrepreneur. Basically anything creative, Eric has either done it or has it on his roadmap. In the early days, he was lead visual merchandiser at Bad Boy (a furniture company with legendary commercials), responsible for merchandising and helping them with anything marketing and creative related. After graduating from Western University, he quickly dove into fashion, learning everything he could from industrial sewing to international trade and logistics. His curiosity and diversity are what makes Eric Richards so unique - and the big brands love him. He’s worked on campaigns for Nike, Bud Light, Adidas, and Converse.

Styling the new Air Max 270 for @niketoronto

Styling for installation at #ADICOLOR

Eric making one of the pieces for WIL Studios

Eric sporting the new Proto-Max 720 for @jumpman23

Styling for KILLY

Styling in "Price On My Head" video for @nav and @theweeknd: A take on Stanley Kubrick’s “Droogs”

What I Like

In 2017 Eric took his talents and teamed up with Rahul Madan to create WIL Studios. Eric says sometimes you have to sacrifice steady income to be the creative you want to be. An acronym for “What I Like”, WIL Studios is a contemporary menswear clothing brand offering a progressive and playful take on everyday silhouettes. The brand recently launched its S19 ‘Ball Boy’ campaign, pulling from Country Club culture and sport. One of WIL Studio’s biggest supporters is Daniel Caesar, who sat front row in the presentation of Ball Boy and performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in their Corduroy Tracksuit.

Furniture, music, or food next?

In an interview with Freshman Friday, Eric says “I want to be sitting on a sofa I designed, wearing clothing I made, eating food from my restaurant, while listening to music I produced. I really want to be able to have the freedom to get creative in many different fields.” Since finishing fashion school, Eric has quickly made a name for himself in the fashion and entertainment industries. On top of that, he’s been building his expertise as a Buyer of Athletic Footwear for Sears Canada - it seems like WIL Studios is just the beginning of Eric’s journey. 

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