Eric Timothy Carlson


Building a universe.

Eric Timothy Carlson is a true all-rounder. The Brooklyn-based visual artist skips past keeping to a single style or medium and creates a series of work that lives within it’s own universe. Whether it’s screen printing, art books, sculpture, installations, or oil on canvas, Eric keeps us thinking with his conceptual pieces that you could unpack for hours.

Cover collage for Bon Iver's i,i.

Piece titled ha Ɛ Є E epsilon (Mariposa).

Piece titled $Doves.

Book titled NYPLPCETC.

22, A Million.

In 2016, Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon gave Eric a shout to work on the group’s album cover after immediately loving his symbol work. Eric worked collaboratively with the band for weeks, having input in the musical process and how the album would look and feel across artwork, lyric videos, accompanying dance performances and the live shows.

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