Full of faces

Face is a Japanese illustrator that’s worked for many brands including Human Made, Better Gift Shop, Adidas, and Sneeze. You’ll notice a pair of squashed eyeballs and smile or frown on almost every piece. His recent illustrations are filled with color and bold outlines, stamped on posters, clothing, shoes, pillows, canvas and more.

Glove illustration for @underhanded_japan

Illustration for @humanmade bowling shirt

Collection collaboration with @goodhood to celebrating their hometown

Deluxe Beppin Series with @mle_fabrick

Store visuals made for @atmos_japan @adidas

Illustration for @bettergiftshop

Undidas Island

Face and @shinknownsuke collaborated with Adidas Tokyo to create a store takeover with their signature visuals. Wall murals, manikins, and free goodies were made for the event. Check out #undidas for more photos of the project.

Universal design habits

Face attempts to make his work “Universal” - the word he uses to describe design. In a recent interview with Goodhood, Face says his top 3 favourite materials to use in his work are females, plants, and useless things. His favourite colors are Sermon Pink, Blue, and Yellow which are clearly used in abundance in masterpieces.

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