Father Nico


The branding behind 6LACK

Father Nico is an art director and designer from Atlanta that works with record labels on up-and-coming artists for their branding and vision - most notably 6LACK and Lil Durk. Nico’s work is inspired by music, politics, tragedy, and religion. The passion for these themes shine through Nico’s work, no matter the client or project, you can always expect a hidden message behind his projects. Nico grew up without a father and was forced to “father” himself, hence the alias.

Art direction for @nessly

East Atlanta Love Letter, 6LACK

Typeface made for Ness + Flyer for shows / Concert Brand Identity

Goodboy Magazine

Assets Designed for STTS3 by Durk + Official by @allblck and shot by @_dannyphoto_


Human first

In celebration of women, Bleacher Report teamed up with eight artists and designers, Nico included, to create their dream soccer jerseys. Nico worked with Summer Walker and Kodie Shane (his favourite jersey of the two) to promote being “human” first. In the background of the jersey, Nico hand wrote every “Label” you can call someone, and crossed them out. This demonstrated Nico’s adaptability and how he switches up his style on every project he works on. He blames his ADHD but we call it talent.

Challenging the glass ceiling

Nico also takes on personal projects. He’s released his own magazine titled “Good Boy” featuring pages of custom artwork. He recently announced he’ll be formally inviting talented artists to be apart of Good Boy 2,  and shared a snippet of a video game experience that will accompany the drop. Thankful for everyone that was (and is) apart of his journey, Nico isn’t satisfied yet and wants to challenge the glass ceiling he’s currently facing. One of his all-time goals is to work for Donda - Kanye West’s creative company. 

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