Ferrari Sheppard


Redefining Multidiscplinary Creative.

Ferrari Sheppard has had his hand in many pots. After graduating from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ferrari dove into the world of fine art, activism, journalism and music production. After starting a blog titled Stop Being Famous, where he interviewed artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Erykah Baduh and M.I.A., Ferrari started painting huge canvases and producing records alongside Yasiin Bey under duo December 99th.


There's never been an obvious creative path for Ferrari, working in almost any medium and media you could imagine. However, he always seems to approach projects in a similar way. Ferrari explains that his process is a lot like a classic jazz jam, attacking his projects with a focus on experimenting and improvising until he finds the perfect solution. Whether it's organizing a charity concert or throwing down on a fresh canvas, you can expect a wildly expressive approach and unpredictably exciting outcome.

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