Geo Owen


Designing graphics for DONDA.

Geo Owen picked up digital design when he was 18 and within 2 years was working with Kanye West's design studio DONDA. The East London based designer studied at the University Creative Arts, Kent, before working with the likes of West and Virgil Abloh and ultimately starting his design house, GEO, and his mens ready-to-wear brand titled the same name. The simple, digital-age designs have led to collabs with BearBrick and Gr8 Tokyo, on top of his six collections.

GEO shirt supporting Black Lives Matter.

BearBrick collab.

Digital typography work.

Concept poster for the Yeezus tour.

Black Lives Matter.

Last week, GEO launched his take on a Black Lives Matter shirt, featuring a quote inspired by Huey P. Newton and the black panther motif on the front. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to either Black Lives Matter and "US and U.K. initiatives benefiting the advancement of justice and equality in our Black communities". Geo also spoke on twitter about an upcoming initiative he plans on leading. "I also want to create a map that will show in real time the current issues that need addressing, so we can see where work needs to be done the most".

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