Gianluca Alla

Graphic Designer

Typography’s biggest fan.

The italian graphic designer, Gianluca Alla, started falling in love with typography in his last year of uni working on his final project ABCDEFGraphic. What started as a deep dive into the basic elements that make good graphic design, ended with an awesome project and a newfound appreciation for type. Recently, Gianluca was featured in Computer Arts Magazine and MAMbo (Museum of Contemporary Art) for his work and just started a design studio in London.

Business cards for his studio ag.

ABCDEFGraphic supporting book.

Title page for Wired UK.

Type collection for Ciao Ciao Studio.


Last Christmas, Gianluca dropped a “Merry Xmas” gif featuring bold animated typography. The .gif ended up getting 40 million downloads in 2 days and was trending on Giphy. Letterzip is an experiment in how type can offer a “blunt but sweet answer at the same time.” The project was an example of what Gianluca calls his creative “gym”, time for him to experiment and research methods to use type so that when he lands a brief, he can hit the ground running.

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