Guillaume Philibert

Fashion Designer

From his parents’ garage to a worldwide company

Guillaume Philibert is the Founder and Creative Director of his Amsterdam-based fashion brand Filling Pieces. The guy has done collabs with KITH, Barneys, Majid Jordan, and is currently carried by 350 retailers worldwide in more than 40 countries - all starting from his parents’ garage when he was 19 years old. Similar to fellow fashion designer Virgil Abloh, Philibert studied architecture and design in school while he did Filling Pieces on the side.

Collaboration with Majid Jordan

Sneaker based on the color palette of Greek island Mykonos

Ziro Haze

Custom dyed garments

Like the 911

Philibert likes to look at his design innovation like the Porsche 911: the main lines haven't changed much, but the car gets better, faster and more comfortable to drive. Much like the first Low Top shoe he ever designed and manufactured, Philibert looks at his footwear and apparel the same way and solves for functionality before form. This method seems to be doing him well as he was recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30.

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