Haley Tippmann


Putting fun in the mundane, fun-dane.

Haley Tippmann’s work is refreshingly simple. The illustrator from Rochester, NY and currently living in Germany strives to find the fun in mundanity. Haley’s creative process usually starts by sitting in a cafe or wandering the streets and finding regular interactions between people. She documents them and heads back to the studio to bring them to life in a completely new composition. Haley always switches up their clothing and looks, and manages to find the humour and life in seemingly regular moments.

Illustration for the Women's World Cup covered by It's Nice That.

One of six illustrations for Overheard and Booksmart.


10 NYC Bloggers You Need to Know for Culture Trip.

Some personal work.

A puzzle for Brigitte Magazine.

Your week, drawn.

Last year, Haley dropped a series of 7 illustrations on her Instagram depicting the weekdays with a related sketch. The hilariously real takes on the week are just what we need on a lazy Tuesday or self-care Sunday. The only thing we’d add would be a couple Aperol Spritz’ to the Saturday “venting” session.

Limitless Direction.

During her stint at Monroe Community College in Rochester, Tippmann couldn’t decide on pursuing fine art or graphic design. She ended up taking graphic design and especially enjoying illustration. In an interview, Haley explains that the limitless directions that you can take to depict a person or event keep her inspired and obsessed with the craft. Haley also works mainly on her iPad Pro now-a-days and even though all of her art is digital, it was important that she learned the techniques she uses on paper so she could recreate them digitally. Haley specifically enjoys the stage after the initial sketch is in place and she can start adding in her signature colours. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Haley’s signature style on a New Yorker cover in the next couple years.

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