Hannes & Simone Hogeman


The Brothers behind Tres Bien.

In 2006 Swedish brothers Hannes and Simone Hogeman teamed up with their childhood friends to start an online menswear boutique. 14 years later and Tres Bien is thriving. They moved into a physical space, dropped two impeccable in-house lines and blended high-end contemporary fashion with accessible sportswear with their signature styling. They credit their background in retail for the success of their collections and found a way to keep everything from the photo studio to the clothing design in their little Malmo-based shop.

The Tres Bien store.

The Atelje collection.

A collaboration with Mr Porter.

Tres Bien knit sweater.

Sun Buddies.

As if Hannes and Simone weren't busy enough, they founded a sunglasses brand called Sun Buddies in 2013 after seeing a fresh pair of shades in a 1960s Ingmar Bergman movie. Those glasses became the silhouette for their first frames called the BIBI. They chose the name Sun Buddies to honour their friends; collaborators, models, designers, and childhood buddies, who helped give the brand a headstart.

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