Harry Vincent

Graphic Designer

Using red masterfully.

Harry Vincent is an illustrator and graphic designer based in London. He’s worked at the award-winning UK agency Imparo for the last couple years and you can see the inherent quality of work in everything he puts out. It may be punk-y, but it’s so goddamn clean. Harry loves the colour red (which he notes in his social bios) and uses boldly in nearly every one of his designs.

A poster for Regress, part of his daily series.

I'm literally dying.

I have no Ikea what I'm doing.

Black Widow exploration.

A graphic for Mars.

Minimalist poster exploration.

Getting his daily dose.

Harry’s been dropping a graphic every single day since January 28th - 186 days and counting! Whether it’s a clean logo, postage stamp, or mock poster, he’s consistently putting out pieces with his signature aesthetic. We especially love the meowing tiger and JUST DIE Nikes.

Stay brutal my friends.

Harry’s inspired by brutalism and anti-design, which clearly influence his powerfully minimalistic pieces that often sample satanic graphics or tattoo style illustrations. Harry offsets the intense visuals with super simple typography and common colours. Not only is he a master of style, Harry sprinkles just the right amount of each element to leave us feeling intrigued and satisfied with his pieces.

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