Ian Woods


AWGE flew this guy out.

Ian Woods, the 24-year-old artist currently based in Florida can’t be defined. Sometimes dropping 5+ pieces a day with an endless variety of styles, Woods always focuses on flipping pop culture on its head with celebrities, logos, and references. Growing up in Chicago, Woods started making art relatively young, but didn’t revisit it until Freshman Year of high school when his art teacher noticed his potential. After graduating, Ian Connor and Playboi Carti showed ASAP Rocky his work, and Woods was flown out to New York later that week to collab with their collective, AWGE, on album covers.

A portrait of ASAP Rocky using staples.

Cover art for ASAP's Yamborghini High.

One of Ian's biggest inspiration's, Basquiat.

Half-drawn portrait of Kim K.

A collage of Frank Ocean.

Portrait in honour of the late Mac Miller.

It’s just art, man.

Last year, Ian dropped a series of paintings with simple white text pasted over top. You’d never think that plastering a different artist’s name over another artist’s painting would give such a new perspective. The Dali and Picasso piece caused anarchy among Instagram “art critics” and got a surprising amount of hate. Most of the negative comments didn’t even think it was art. Nonetheless, it got people talking. The series was a nod to found objects and switching up our perspective on things we already know. I definitely think Young Thug and Lil Uzi need their own season of The Simple Life though.

Supreme, give this guy a collab!

Ian’s creative pace and seamless transitions from style to style sets him apart. He credits his main inspirations as Picasso, Warhol and Basquiat, which ooze throughout his work in pop culture nods, messy collage and childlike drawing, and a barrage of different periods and styles. Recently, having a son has completely changed Woods’ perspective on art. He’d like to get a lot more serious and hopefully have his first gallery show this year. If you can’t wait til then, he’s constantly dropping limited prints and one-of-ones on his site. We hope Ian ends up collaborating with the one brand he’s always wanted to work with: Supreme, duh.

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