Ignasi Monreal


Painting campaigns for Gucci, HBO and Netflix.

Ignasi Monreal started painting digitally at 14 because it was less messy and he didn't need all of the materials. Little did he know that it would lead him to Gucci ad campaigns and Game of Thrones animations. Ignasi's surreal style draws from Dungeons & Dragons and video game art meeting high fashion. His digital paintings feel like they belong as much in the Sistine Chapel as they do in full-page spreads for Vogue.

The Art of Hospitality for the Four Seasons Hotels.

Poster for the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Vogue Spain cover.

From the personal Plats Bruts collection.

Gucci SS18

For Gucci's Hallucinations campaign, creative director Alessandro Michelle called on Ignasi with an "unbelievable offer". The brand didn't want to limit Ignasi's creative process whatsoever and gave him full creative freedom. The paintings were all done in Photoshop with custom brushes and pull from the renaissance and romanticist periods sprinkled with some modern themes.

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