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Indigo is a certified Sicko

You might have seen Indigo’s work featured all over Ian Connor’s Instagram page. She’s teamed up with Ian to produce the look and feel of his new clothing brand Sicko. Indigo is a multidisciplinary artist with a unique style of sketch and paint-looking illustrations using charcoal, and sometimes even sculpting these characters. 


Sickö figurine gang “3.5 x 11.5” inches

Born From Pain

The first campaign for Sicko is titled Born From Pain. It’s themed around revenge to all the people who hated and doubted him and the close ties he has recently cut and a way for Ian to embrace his inner vices and demons. Indigo captures the vibe with nostalgic feeling kids with little means. The first showing of Indigo’s latest contribution releases this Saturday in only sticker format because of the COVID-19 circumstances - stay safe out there!

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