Jack Fletcher


Illustrating zines in the Scottish Countryside.

The Scottish illustrator, Jack Fletcher, gets over his creative blocks by literally shovelling pig sh*t. The Edinburgh College of Art graduate matches his minimalist illustrations with bold colours for one-off zines and prints when he’s not working on top-secret client projects. Jack’s currently working on opening up his secret project (don’t tell anyone, it’ll be a design agency) out of his countryside hideaway.

Work for Vanguard magazine.

Big Fughi exploration.

Personal piece titled Ghost Boy.

Personal piece titled Garden 2.

The Free Company.

That countryside hideaway is called The Free Company, a restored farm in the Scottish countryside. The farm boasts a restaurant, design shop, and artist residencies all under one roof. Jack linked with a couple friends, an architect and chef, to create the multidisciplinary space. For Jack it’s important to constantly be pursuing new avenues, whether that’s figuring out his illustrative style or dropping an identity to support a winter series for The Free Company.

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