Jack McKain


Get your portraits - come one, come all!

This ain’t no kid with portrait mode and some Instagram filters, this Jack McKain baby! Jack shoots almost everything on film, meaning he can’t even see the photo until it gets developed. While freelancing in LA, Jack has worked for countless brands like GQ, Vogue, The New York Times, and Red Bull. Aside from the big boys, Jack’s magic is in his ‘intimate portraiture’, as he calls it, that looks to focus on the expression of his subjects. To help this, he sometimes chats for hours with them, before even starting to shoot.

Photo of @willowsmith

Photo of @masego

Photo of @6lack

Photo of @jojoabot

Photo of @brentfaiyaz

Self Portrait of Jack McKain

Capturing the humanity behind the curtains

Being a big music lover, almost everyone Jack shoots is a musician - from new and upcoming artists to old legends, aside from the odd shot of his homies. His photographs show a different side of the characters you’re used to seeing in music videos, interviews, and bombarded paparazzi photo reels. Named after an album of French producers, Jack released a portrait book of over 100 portraits called Clin D'oeil: Volume One - the name translates to “blink of an eye.” One of Jack’s favourites being the shoot with Masego (the second photo).

Don’t believe everything you’re taught.

In advertising school, Jack was taught that once you work at a big agency with huge clients, you’ve made it. He had two of them but wasn’t satisfied, and didn’t feel the need to work for a boss if he didn’t have to *cheers from the crowd*. Jack has gained a ton of traction in his craft and has a lot to show for the hard work, with a recent display at the @annenbergspace of his photoshoot with @xxxtentacion. Jack sees shooting video on his horizon but wants to move on once he feels he’s mastered what he’s doing now.

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